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Concealment Express was born out of the need to find a high quality, comfortable and concealable US Made KYDEX holster without any delay. Our mission is to provide our customers with the absolute best quality, 100% US Made KYDEX holsters at a fair price and without the wait. Nobody can get a quality, hand-made KYDEX holster into your hands faster than we can, and we guarantee your absolute satisfaction with our products and our service from start to finish. Each holster is formed to the exact specifications of your specific gun model, and built entirely in the US with a focus on quality, comfort, and durability.

Holster Features

Each of the Holsters is Crafted and Formed over our Proprietary, Precision Aluminum Molds. The molds are CAD designed and milled in house so it can ensure the consistency, fit, quality, durability, lightness, comfort, & uniformity of features for each and every holster we make, regardless of the gun it is for. 

IWBHolster : Inside the Waistband. Hand Molded Adjustable Cant IWB KYDEX Holsters protect your weapon from moisture while remaining extremely lightweight and durable. They are comfortable enough for everyday use and very easy to hide no matter how you are dressed. 

OWB Paddle Holster: Outside the Waistband. Our minimalist outside the waistband KYDEX holsters hold your weapon securely while remaining extremely lightweight and durable. They are the perfect all around holster for every day OWB carry. 

Weapon Mounted Light Holster: No more having to switch lights and/or holsters when you change your mind and want to carry your other firearm. No more buying multiple holsters for every firearm with the same light!

Magazine Holster : IWB/OWB KYDEX magazine holster, Horizontal OWB KYDEX holster, and AR/Rifle OWB Kydex holster. Mag Retention is easily adjustable via the Allen Key on the MRD which puts pressure on the flat side of your mag.

Trigger Guard Holster : With all the same performance and reliability as our regular IWB holster. Our shells are cut in a way that minimizes any excess material while providing full protection and security of your firearm with a minimalist feel.

Check out Custom series and all other cool accessories as well!

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