AR500 Armor

AR500 Armor® is the industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality and high-value ballistic and body armor solutions. We take pride in manufacturing our armor 100% in-house from start to finish. This allows unparalleled quality control by utilizing the latest technology in production and quality assurance in each step of our manufacturing process.

Integrity & Quality First. We will only release products of notable quality and value; understanding that our product may very well save your life one day. We know the quality and integrity of our product is unquestionable, and we must again reiterate that under no circumstance would we veer off our path of integrity and quality. We are resolved to create products of the highest quality and value, and we will never compromise on this value. 

SizeLevel ll RimeligLevel lllA RimeligLevel lllA SlimLevel lllA Hybrid
Thickness (all)0.45”0.55”0.36”0.25”
1.24 lbs1.43 lbs1.25 lbs1.04lbs
N/A1.75 lbs1.54 lbs1.30 lbs
11”x15” (backpack)N/A1.95lbs1.76 lbs1.47 lbs

Level lV ALSC: Stand-alone rifle-rated plate is designed to bring the highest level of personal protection to the consumer. Our latest product developed 100% in-house, stops military .30 caliber armor-piercing rounds. 

There are two general types of body armor, and several different materials used to make it:

Both soft armor panels and hard armor plates are worn in a non-ballistic carrier designed for carrying armor. The carriers themselves do not provide any protection against bullets.

FragLock™ Coating, available in both Base Coat and Build-Up Coat versions, is a feature of AR500 Armor plates that protects both the user and the plate itself. It protects the user by helping either capture or deflect fragmentation (a bullet’s fragments after impact) and spalling (the armor’s fragments after impact). The Build-Up Coat is a thicker seal which does this better than the Base Coat, although both do it to a degree. The FragLock™ also protects the plate by sealing it from the elements, which could otherwise corrode the plate. With either version of the FragLock™ Coating, this plate has a shelf life of twenty years and requires no maintenance.

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AR500 Armor
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